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class acoular.fbeamform.BeamformerDamas

Bases: BeamformerBase

DAMAS deconvolution algorithm.

See [3] for details.

beamformer = Trait(BeamformerBase)

(only for backward compatibility) BeamformerBase object if set, provides freq_data, steer, r_diag if not set, these have to be set explicitly

psf_precision = Trait('float64', 'float32', desc='precision of PSF')

The floating-number-precision of the PSFs. Default is 64 bit.

n_iter = Int(100, desc='number of iterations')

Number of iterations, defaults to 100.

damp = Float(1.0, desc='damping factor in modified gauss-seidel-DAMAS-approach')

Damping factor in modified gauss-seidel

calcmode = Trait('full', 'single', 'block', 'readonly', desc='mode of psf calculation / storage')

Flag that defines how to calculate and store the point spread function, defaults to ‘full’. See PointSpreadFunction.calcmode for details.

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