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class acoular.fbeamform.BeamformerGridlessOrth

Bases: BeamformerAdaptiveGrid

Orthogonal beamforming without predefined grid.

See [16] for details.

eva_list = CArray(dtype=int, value=array([-1]), desc='components')

List of components to consider, use this to directly set the eigenvalues used in the beamformer. Alternatively, set n.

n = Int(1)

Number of components to consider, defaults to 1. If set, eva_list will contain the indices of the n largest eigenvalues. Setting eva_list afterwards will override this value.

bounds = List(Tuple(Float, Float), minlen=3, maxlen=3, value=[(-1.0, 1.0), (-1.0, 1.0), (0.01, 1.0)])

Geometrical bounds of the search domain to consider. bound ist a list that contains exactly three tuple of (min,max) for each of the coordinates x, y, z. Defaults to [(-1.,1.),(-1.,1.),(0.01,1.)]

shgo = Dict

options dictionary for the SHGO solver, see scipy docs. Default is Sobol sampling Nelder-Mead local minimizer, 256 initial sampling points and 1 iteration

r_diag_norm = Enum(

No normalization implemented. Defaults to 1.0.


Sets the list of eigenvalues to consider.

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