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class acoular.fbeamform.BeamformerOrth

Bases: BeamformerBase

Orthogonal deconvolution algorithm.

See [10] for details. New faster implementation without explicit (BeamformerEig).

beamformer = Trait(BeamformerEig)

(only for backward compatibility) BeamformerEig object if set, provides freq_data, steer, r_diag if not set, these have to be set explicitly

eva_list = CArray(dtype=int, value=array([-1]), desc='components')

List of components to consider, use this to directly set the eigenvalues used in the beamformer. Alternatively, set n.

n = Int(1)

Number of components to consider, defaults to 1. If set, eva_list will contain the indices of the n largest eigenvalues. Setting eva_list afterwards will override this value.


Sets the list of eigenvalues to consider.

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