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class acoular.sdinput.SoundDeviceSamplesGenerator(*args, **kwargs)

Bases: SamplesGenerator

Controller for sound card hardware using sounddevice library.

Uses the device with index device to read samples from input stream, generates output stream via the generator result().

device = Int(0, desc='input device index')

input device index, refers to sounddevice list

numchannels = Long(1, desc='number of analog input channels that collects data')

Number of input channels, maximum depends on device

collectsamples = Bool(True, desc='Indicates if samples are collected')

Indicates if samples are collected, helper trait to break result loop

sample_freq = Property(desc='sampling frequency')

Sampling frequency of the signal, changes with sinusdevices

overflow = Bool(False, desc='Indicates if sounddevice buffer overflow')

Indicates that the sounddevice buffer has overflown

running = Bool(False, desc='Indicates that the stream is collecting samples')

Indicates that the stream is collecting samples

stream = Any

The sounddevice InputStream object for inspection

Dictionary of device properties according to sounddevice

Python generator that yields the output block-wise. Use at least a block-size of one ring cache block.


This parameter defines the size of the blocks to be yielded (i.e. the number of samples per block).

Samples in blocks of shape (num, numchannels).

The last block may be shorter than num.

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