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acoular.spectra.synthetic(data, freqs, f, num=3)

Returns synthesized frequency band values of spectral data.

If used with Beamformer.result() and only one frequency band, the output is identical to the result of the intrinsic Beamformer.synthetic method. It can, however, also be used with the Beamformer.integrate output and more frequency bands.

dataarray of floats

The spectral data (squared sound pressures in Pa^2) in an array with one value per frequency line. The number of entries must be identical to the number of grid points.

freqarray of floats

The frequencies that correspon to the input data (as yielded by the PowerSpectra.fftfreq method).

ffloat or list of floats

Band center frequency/frequencies for which to return the results.


Controls the width of the frequency bands considered; defaults to 3 (third-octave band).


frequency band width


single frequency line


octave band


third-octave band


1/n-octave band

array of floats

Synthesized frequency band values of the beamforming result at each grid point (the sum of all values that are contained in the band). Note that the frequency resolution and therefore the bandwidth represented by a single frequency line depends on the sampling frequency and used FFT block size.

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