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class acoular.tprocess.AngleTracker

Bases: MaskedTimeInOut

Calculates rotation angle and rpm per sample from a trigger signal using spline interpolation in the time domain.

Gets samples from trigger and stores the angle and rpm samples in angle() and rpm().

source = Instance(SamplesGenerator)

Data source; SamplesGenerator or derived object.

trigger = Instance(Trigger)

Trigger data from acoular.tprocess.Trigger.

trigger_per_revo = Int(1, desc='trigger signals per revolution')

Trigger signals per revolution, defaults to 1.

rot_direction = Int(-1, desc='mathematical direction of rotation')

Flag to set counter-clockwise (1) or clockwise (-1) rotation, defaults to -1.

interp_points = Int(4, desc='Points of interpolation used for spline')

Points of interpolation used for spline, defaults to 4.

start_angle = Float(0, desc='rotation angle for trigger position')

rotation angle in radians for first trigger position

rpm = Property(depends_on='digest', desc='revolutions per minute for each sample')

revolutions per minute for each sample, read-only

average_rpm = Property(depends_on='digest', desc='average revolutions per minute')

average revolutions per minute, read-only

angle = Property(depends_on='digest', desc='rotation angle for each sample')

rotation angle in radians for each sample, read-only

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