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class acoular.tprocess.SampleSplitter

Bases: TimeInOut

Distributes data blocks from source to several following objects. A separate block buffer is created for each registered object in (block_buffer) .

block_buffer = Dict(key_trait=Instance(SamplesGenerator))

dictionary with block buffers (dict values) of registered objects (dict keys).

buffer_size = Int(100)

max elements/blocks in block buffers.

buffer_overflow_treatment = Dict(

defines behaviour in case of block_buffer overflow. Can be set individually for each registered object.

  • ‘error’: an IOError is thrown by the class

  • ‘warning’: a warning is displayed. Possibly leads to lost blocks of data

  • ‘none’: nothing happens. Possibly leads to lost blocks of data


Function that can be used to register objects that receive blocks from this class.


Function that can be used to remove registered objects.


Python generator that yields the output block-wise from block-buffer.


This parameter defines the size of the blocks to be yielded (i.e. the number of samples per block).

Samples in blocks of shape (num, numchannels).

Delivers a block of samples to the calling object. The last block may be shorter than num.

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