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acoular.fbeamform.integrate(data, grid, sector)

Integrates a sound pressure map over a given sector.

This function can be applied on beamforming results to quantitatively analyze the sound pressure in a given sector. If used with Beamformer.result(), the output is identical to the result of the intrinsic Beamformer.integrate method. It can, however, also be used with the Beamformer.synthetic output.

data: array of floats

Contains the calculated squared sound pressure values in Pa**2. If data has the same number of entries than the number of grid points only one value is returned. In case of a 2-D array with the second dimension identical to the number of grid points an array containing as many entries as the first dimension is returned.

grid: Grid object

Object of a Grid-derived class that provides the grid locations.

sector: array of floats or :class:`~acoular.grids.Sector`-derived object

Tuple with arguments for the indices method of a Grid-derived class (e.g. RectGrid.indices or RectGrid3D.indices). Possible sectors would be array([xmin, ymin, xmax, ymax]) or array([x, y, radius]). Alternatively, a Sector-derived object can be used.

array of floats

The spectrum (all calculated frequency bands) for the integrated sector.

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