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class acoular.signals.GenericSignalGenerator

Bases: SignalGenerator

Generate signal from output of SamplesGenerator object.

This class can be used to inject arbitrary signals into Acoular processing chains. For example, it can be used to read signals from a HDF5 file or create any signal by using the acoular.sources.TimeSamples class.

source = Trait(SamplesGenerator)

Data source; SamplesGenerator or derived object.

sample_freq = Delegate('source')

Sampling frequency of output signal, as given by source.

numsamples = Property()

Number of samples to generate. Is set to source.numsamples by default.

loop_signal = Bool(True)

Boolean flag, if ‘True’ (default), signal track is repeated if requested numsamples is higher than available sample number


Deliver the signal.

array of floats

The resulting signal as an array of length numsamples.

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