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class acoular.sources.SphericalHarmonicSource

Bases: PointSource

Class to define a fixed Spherical Harmonic Source with an arbitrary signal. This can be used in simulations.

The output is being generated via the result() generator.

lOrder = Int(0, desc='Order of spherical harmonic')  # noqa: N815

Order of spherical harmonic source

direction = Tuple((1.0, 0.0, 0.0), desc='Spherical Harmonic orientation')

Vector to define the orientation of the SphericalHarmonic.


Python generator that yields the output at microphones block-wise.

numinteger, defaults to 128

This parameter defines the size of the blocks to be yielded (i.e. the number of samples per block) .

Samples in blocks of shape (num, numchannels).

The last block may be shorter than num.

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